How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Curtains to Match Your Windows

Curtains are a beautiful addition to any room and will give your home the personalized touch that makes it yours. Curtain styles can make or break a bedroom, because they not only look amazing but also help you sleep better – so which ones should you choose? Keep reading!
Bedding: There is an endless variety of window treatments available for each type (single- Hung up versus Double Hung). The curtains themselves might be different from one another depending upon what material was used when making them as well as how much insulation glass has vs metal covered by plastic). In general though most modern buildings use either PVC vinyl Particle Board Polyester Fiberfill CS Tencel Lyocell Woven Cotton )blinds) Roman Shades ). If we

The Different Window Types

When it comes to choosing your curtains, your window type will definitely affect your choice.

There are 8 basic windows type

  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double-hung
  • Fixed
  • Slider
  • Skylight

Different windows benefit from different curtains, so before you have yours made, take a look at our guide so you know what to look for.

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Awning Windows

Awning windows have hinges that run along the top edge and often open outwards. Operated from the bottom of the window, they allow you to ventilate the room, even in light rain.

Awning windows are often combined with other window styles and are placed high up in a room to allow for ventilation, to be opened separately.

Valance curtains are the best type of bedroom curtains for awning windows. Valences are designed to be hung alone, or paired with additional curtains on the lower windows. That way, you can open an awning for a gentle breeze at night, while keeping the rest of your room dark and your curtains closed.

Bay and Bow Windows

Projecting out of your room and connecting with the outside, bay and bow windows are a beautiful addition and add character to any home. Large and wide, bays allow for ample light flow into a bedroom, and the addition of an elegant window seat beneath them, if it tickles your fancy.

While bays are a stunning feature, choosing curtains for them can be a little awkward. Due to their awkward shape, it can be difficult to understand how to dress them.

There are two main options for curtains for your bay or bow windows.

A Single Pair on a Curved Rail

A long, curved curtain rail can be custom-made to fit your bay. From this rail, you can attach one pair of long curtains or drapes that will draw across the full width of your window.

Curtain rails are designed to blend into the background or be hidden behind a curtain so that they’re unseen. They’ll also hold your curtains as close to the wall as possible.

With this choice, you’ll need to bear in mind the heavy weight of the curtain fabric, including any lining you may add to it. The rail will need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the curtains, and reinforcement may be necessary.