Carpet Fitting Dubai Are You Thinking About Fitting A Carpet?

Carpet fitting Dubai Have you found the perfect flooring? At Flooring & Carpets Dubai, we thrive when helping our customers find the carpeting or other floorings that will turn their house into a home.

Hiring a professional fitter can get the job done if you want to ensure that your fit is perfect with no excess material. This ensures that necessary measurements are taken, and the work is carried out correctly.

If you’re looking to do it yourself, however, it has a great guide outlining the best ways to lay carpet, so it’s not only stylish but also functional!

At Flooring Dubai, we make it our business to help you relax, knowing that professionals fit your carpets. You should always leave experienced fitters for the actual fitting of your new carpet to achieve the best results.

Below, you’ll find some handy tips and accessories you’ll need when having carpets fitted, as well as a checklist for any preparation work you plan on doing before the new flooring is installed. Carpet Fitting Dubai

If this is something that’s applicable for you – we’re also offering to add a tradesman for an extra $50/hour just for a consultation! Flooring Direct recommends this package if there are any concerns about how fixtures will be installed or whether decorative features will be handled. Carpet Fitting Dubai

Carpet Fitting Dubai Bible

Areas we’ll cover:


2. Tools for the job

3. Out with the old

4. Preparation is key

5. Underlay and accessories

6. Extra tips on fitting your carpet

7. The perfect finish and the aftercare

Measuring Your Home

Picture your home

We’re not asking you to paint a mural, but drawing out each room and the spaces between them will give you a big picture of your finished floor plan. Get some paper, tape it on the wall where you have space to spare, and sketch the rooms of your house.

Nooks and crannies

If there are other structures like a chimney breast or a fireplace inside the room, then ignore the indentations they make and measure the perimeter of only that part of the room. The fitting for your flooring begins from these areas; it will be cut around these structures.


If you notice indentations on the floor when you’re measuring the size of your carpet, do not include them in your measurement. When the rug is installed, it will be cut to fit around these indents.

One last check

Measure twice and cut once when it comes to carpets. Since once the custom-size rug has been ordered and is about to be delivered, you must make sure it fits in all the places before you take it home. So, measure up more than once and cover a little extra for the trims and overruns!

How To Measure Your Stairs

Stairs and steps are no different when measuring the surface areas for your new flooring. Measuring each step’s height, depth, and length will give you an exact size you will need to multiply by the width.

Allow for slightly more room than is necessary to cover the stairs. You want to leave enough excess carpet blank space but not too much that it would look tacky. Carpet fitting Dubai

Remember to measure each step to ensure you have the correct dimensions noted before placing your order!

Tools For The Job

Having the right tools for your trade is extremely important. You might already have many of them but also need some additional tools.

One needs several specialized tools when replacing carpets, such as tugging tape and stapling guns. Tools are helpful because they help make tasks easier or quicker to complete! Unfortunately,

many people overlook the importance of having them around or don’t realize their usefulness until it’s too late. Carpet Fitting Dubai

  • Hammer
  • Carpet tucker
  • Stanley knife
  • 19mm nails
  • 10mm nails
  • Pipe and cable detector
  • Gloves
  • Hacksaw
  • Carpet Stretcher
  • Vacuum cleaner

Out With The Old And Prep For The New

So you’ve come this far; well done! Next, make sure to prepare your floor. Preparing the surface, you plan to lay your new flooring is vital if you want a clean fit and no underlying issues afterward. Carpet Fitting Dubai

Removing Old Flooring

Removing existing flooring and ensuring not to damage any floor foundations are both critical processes in creating a solid foundation on which to lay your new carpet.

Clearing the subfloor of any dirt and grime will help create a surface that’s flat, clean, and evenly prepared for fresh material. Laying down any extra materials, such as padding, will give you additional protection

while helping mold the height of your carpet into your room’s shape. It’s worth spending some time getting rid of problematic matter as minor irregularities

will become noticed on a new piece of carpet, like a heel mark or nail hole where it least belongs. carpet fitting Dubai

Sub Floor Preparation Tips

If you have damaged flooring, cracked concrete, or even broken wood, we can help you get around it. In many cases, laying tongue and groove floorboards is the most effective way to prep the floor for a new luxurious carpet.

It’s also a great way to reduce draught atop floorboards.

If your floor is concrete or has previously been leveled with a smoothing compound, you may have to remodel it. You need to ensure you have suitable material installed on your floor and do not risk slipping and falling.

Many types of floor screeds on the market would be suitable.

You’ll be on your knees for quite some time, so make sure you invest in some comfortable cushions to rest your knees.

Check the condition of your floorboards. Look for rogue or protruding nails that might be hiding in the spaces between them and if you find any, pull them out using the claw end of your hammer to avoid injury.

Ensure there is no pipe or cable under your floor where you plan to lay new flooring. Use 19mm nails to reduce the risk of piercing a line or cable underneath your home’s foundation. Carpet fitting Dubai

Underlay And Accessories

Get To Grips

At Flooring Dubai, we make sure that if you’re unsure how to fit your new carpet or are feeling a little lazy on the day you install it, we’ll be there to help! We stock a range of accessories to aid you in fitting your carpet, like gripper rods. These rods measure and come ready for you to keep your newly fitted carpet in place. Carpet fitting Dubai

Wooden Floors

Use rods three times the thickness of your carpet away from the skirting boards when fitting the rug against the wooden floor.

Standard hacksaws work well for cutting Gripper Rods to size, and, of course, you must protect your hands and wear suitable gloves. Carpetsindubai. Ae provides all the materials needed to build a robot,

so there’s no fiddling around deciding what to purchase! If you follow our instructions step by step and don’t deviate from these guidelines, success is yours for the taking! Carpet Fitting Dubai

Carpet Underlay

Supplying luxury handmade carpets that provide unmatched comfort underfoot is our priority. Regarding the selection of rugs and underlay at Carpetsinduba, Ae, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for the second best! Carpet Fitting Dubai

The key to having a comfortable carpet lies in your underlay. This relatively thin cushioning material between the surface of the floor and the rug itself helps to insulate your newly laid carpet from everything around it.

A suitable underlay will naturally keep your home insulated, even on its own! Of course, we can help you to achieve further savings through our industry-leading insulation solutions

. Still, whatever other benefits you want to achieve, here at Global Insulation Supplies, we’ll be more than happy to support you through every step of the process. Carpet fitting Dubai

How to lay a carpet

Carpeting can warm up a room, provide better insulation for sound and offer more padding for a more comfortable walk. When you consider your carpet installation options,

you’ll want to ensure that the underlayment has enough cushion to last longer and be sturdier. Hessian or tightly woven backing will ensure lasting quality since they’re typical of a higher rate

when compared with those that use foam backing or need stretching and attaching to a gripper. Carpet Fitting Dubai

How to fit carpet gripper

The carpet gripper is a very efficient way to lay down your carpet. This carpet gripper has long, thin pieces of wood with sharp pins to grip the concrete/wood floor and keep the rug in place.

You need to wear gloves when you lay the gripper around because these pins are pretty sharp! The gripper will fit around the edge of your room except across doors, where you’ll need something called a threshold bar instead.

One thing is for sure about this gripper; it comes ready to implement onto concrete or wooden floors since it comes with nails! Carpet Fitting Dubai