Curtains Blinds Store

Curtains Blinds Store

While you are in Dubai, you will need regular and proper protection for the interior of your home and office. Because the temperature is quite intense in Dubai. Furthermore, there are sand-storms as well. Such intense weather conditions can ruin the look of your house and office in an instant. So, we are here to help you with this by providing you high quality curtains and blinds. Because we have all the types and designs of curtains, carpets and blinds at our curtains blinds store.


We offer you a vast and complete range of curtains at Carpets in Dubai. Here are the curtains that you can find when you give us a visit.

Home Curtains

We offer you the best quality home curtains at competitive rates. Furthermore, we have a all the latest designs of home curtains at Carpets in Dubai.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are very handy because the block all the light. And also provide you complete privacy. In addition to the traditional dark colors and shades. We also have light and bright colored curtains that also block light completely.

Sheers Curtains

Sheers curtains let in a lot of light because these are quite thin. Therefore, sheers are quite delicate and light weight as well.

Transparent and net curtains

The demand of transparent and net curtains is quite low in Dubai because of the intense temperature and sunlight. Because transparent curtains let in all the light and they don’t provide privacy. Hence, most of the stores don’t keep them. But we have all sorts and varieties of transparent and net curtains.

Hotel Curtains

Hotels provide accommodation and meals to its’ clients. So, tourists and visitors mostly stay at hotels. Therefore, it is obvious that an attractive hotel will attract more people. So, we offer you the most beautiful and high quality hotel curtain. In addition, we have all the colors and latest designs of hotel curtains for you.

Office Curtains

Office is a place where your work and earn a living. Therefore, it should look beautiful and attractive. Hence, we offer you full length office curtains because full length curtains give a more formal look.

Stage Curtains

Stage is a raised floor or platform, typically in a theater, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.  So, we offer you the best quality stage curtains that are made of silk. Because silk fabric has nice folds and therefore gives an elegant look.

Motorized Curtains

We also offer motorized curtains. The motors are copper wired and therefore have a long life and are also energy efficient. You can also control more than one curtains with the same remote. Motorized curtains are usually used in offices and stage.


We offer you all sorts and types of blinds for your home and office at our curtains blinds store. So, here are the blinds that you can find when you visit our store.

Office Blinds

We provide both vertical and horizontal blinds for your office. Furthermore, we also offer motorized curtains as well. Motorized curtains will make a nice impression on your clients.

Roman Blinds

We also offer both roller and panel roman blinds. Furthermore, we have all the latest designs and colors of roman blinds at our store.

Roller Blinds

In addition to manual roller blinds. We also offer motorized roller blinds. Furthermore, there are hundreds of designs and colors for you to choose from. Our roller blinds are very famous because they of functionality and versatility.

Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian blinds will give you both privacy and light control. Because the slides are tune-able. Therefore you can control the amount of light that enters. In addition, you can see outside, but the people from outside can’t see the inside.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are made from thin strips of wood. The strips are also painted and polished. Furthermore, wooden blinds block the light and keep the room cool as well.

Motorized Blinds

We offer both vertical and horizontal varieties in motorized blinds. The motor is copper wired. Therefore, the motor has a long life and it is also energy efficient as well.