Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration can be an easy, but also a tough task at the same time. Because it all depends on your fashion sense. Some people have excellent fashion sense and some don’t therefore it is difficult for some people. So, we are here to help you with this. Because we have experts and they will guide you through each and every step of interior decoration. Furthermore, we will also tell you which type of curtains are best suited for you. We will also give you free decorating tips and hacks that will make decoration much more easier and fun. Here are some useful tips and advises from our experts decorators.


Windows feel bare without curtains, because they add softness, create privacy and filter light. So, here is how to choose the right ones for you.

Pick your look

Choose a fabric based on the look you want and also how much light you want to let in. Since neutral colors go anywhere. So your can use them everywhere. But if you want your curtains to be a focal point then look for brighter colors. Also choose bolder patterns. Because they will be eye catching and attractive. So, you can center your decoration around them.

Think About the Thickness and fabric of the Curtains

Since sheers curtains are quite thin. Therefore sheers let in lots of light. While still providing privacy as well. Linen and Cotton made curtains give you more natural look. In addition, they block more light than sheers. The texture of these curtains also ranges from sheers to opaque. Furthermore, denser fabrics like wool and velvet block light and noise. These curtains also control the temperature up to some extent. If you have a baby or a light sleeper then you can also add a blackout curtains to block the light.

Hanging Style of the Curtains

Metal grommets open smoothly and they also have a modern feel. While pole pockets have a more casual look. Furthermore, we use specialized rods that work with all hanging styles. In addition, we even offer double rods. Because these rods add a nice layer effect.

Length of the Curtains

We offer various lengths of curtains at Carpets in Dubai. If you want a casual look then you should use the short length curtains. Because these curtains will be just right and cover the window only which will give it a casual look. You can also use a few inches longer curtains for a longer and leaner profile. You can also use floor length that has a polished and pull together look. Furthermore, floor length curtains are a quarter inch above the floor so that they don’t pick up dust.

Choose US for Interior Decoration

Carpets in Dubai is Top Curtain Services provider in Dubai. We have all type of Interior Decoration. We have Unique Curtain Styles for our valuable clients. Furthermore, we are also dealing in Carpets, Blinds, Curtains and many more related to interior decoration. In addition, we have special Royal Curtains in Dubai. We also have Glass Window Blinds.