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Office curtains are the reason for the success of most eminent businessmen in this world. Office curtains Dubai is recognized for its elegant, exceptional, and lavish office curtains which leaves an indestructible impression on the minds of everyone who visits them.
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If you’re decorating the interior of your house or office space, the primary factor is the window treatment. Windows, no doubt, take up room, so the style of window treatment you pick certainly affects your overall style. Every decorator will provide you with information on the best way to select curtains for windows that will determine the appearance of any room.

In this modern age, where there are many options of colors, designs, patterns, and even locations to purchase curtains, it is an overwhelming task to pick suitable drapes for your house. But if you’re looking to buy curtains at a low cost in Dubai, I can assist you. Fixit Design is a well-known brand that provides the highest quality curtains. They offer a broad selection, including eyelet curtains, blackout curtains, pencil pleat curtains, and many more. Office Curtains

These days, curtains are offered in a wide range of styles ranging from traditional modern and contemporary to modern. We will give you a complete guide that will help you pick the right window curtains for your home or office. These curtains are made to match various kinds of interiors. Selecting suitable curtains for your windows will give your home an attractive and elegant appearance. If you want to purchase the most beautiful curtains, choose from pre-made or custom-made ones. Office Curtains

Ready-Made Curtains:

Before looking for the best way to pick window curtains, it is vital to consider the different kinds of curtains. If you want to transform your office or home appearance quickly, curtains are the best option. Any measurements needed for your windows require you to take., then purchase the curtains and hang them on them. However, in the end, when you consider the decor perspective, it is pretty challenging to find the perfect or appropriate sizes of curtains due to their limitations in terms of size. In addition, these curtains’ design, quality, texture, color, or setup might not meet your interior design requirements.

Made To Measure Office Curtains

If you are thinking about custom-made curtains, they allow you to design your personal window-dressing according to your requirements. Depending on your office or home style, you can pick the fabric, color patterns, and designs. Ready-made curtains are available in standard sizes. However, windows in modern homes are designed to accommodate different styles and sizes. Therefore, custom curtains are the ideal choice to ensure they provide the perfect window fitting. 

Additionally, you can choose from an array of curtains, and it’s an excellent opportunity to design the perfect curtains for your space. Additionally, you can add unique styling options like tiebacks, lining, and headings that fit the requirements of your design. Fixit Design is considered the most reliable company for producing and supplying custom-made curtains across the UAE. Their expert decorators and designers can precisely create your dream designs and design stunning curtains for your office or your home.

Purchase the best Office Curtains

Choosing ready-made or custom curtains isn’t a reason to search at the end of the road for the best way to pick curtains for your windows. There are several additional factors to consider when trying to find the perfect curtains for your windows.

When considering window treatments, it is essential to know the dimensions, length, fabric’s color, and quality. You have so many options to make. It’s challenging to decide which direction to go. So I’ve compiled the essential factors debated by various experts to select the best office or home curtains.


The curtains you choose for your home are contingent on their usability. The selection of curtains will differ in your bedroom, living room, or office. For your home, curtains can be of any design that aligns with your decor and office. However, you should select an essential and elegant design for your Office Curtains

Fabrics Office Curtains

The best fabric selection is crucial when deciding which curtains for your windows. The fabric’s durability will determine how long the curtains will last. The type of fabric and the quality will help you choose the curtains’ design. Additionally, the most suitable material will aid in improving your privacy and will also let you regulate the brightness of the light that enters your space. There are many different fabrics to choose from that can add functionality to your living space. Office Curtains


Curtains are an essential part that affects your entire interior. Therefore, in addition to the appropriate fabric selection, you should select the most blended colors to create curtains that match your interior.

Lining & Length:

When buying curtains for windows, it’s crucial to ensure you measure correctly. When you are considering buying curtains for your office or home, the length and the lining of the curtains play a vital part in the overall appearance that your window will have. The right size of curtains will give your windows a beautiful and elegant appearance. Office Curtains

Design & Style Office Curtains

Thanks to the advancement in technology, nowadays, there are thousands of curtain designs that are new. But all designs don’t suit every place. It is essential to select the style of curtains that is appropriate for the location. Your curtains should match the other types of interiors. Office Curtains


I hope the information on choosing the right window curtain for your office or home will make it easier to purchase curtains. Additionally, if you’re seeking the best companies to customize the window treatment to your preferences and preferences, then Fixit Design is the best option. Our skilled designers create the highest quality and most durable curtains with stunningly elegant designs!

Why did you choose us?

Design firm Dubai is a high-end firm that provides delicate quality office curtains in Dubai. Our professional team offers extensive designs for homes, rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, and dwellings. Foldable curtains are critical to workplace interiors regarding how they influence the vibe and appearance of your office. The designers of the firm create unique patterns and colors for our curtains.

Installation services Office Curtains

Office curtains Dubai provides the best quality installation services within your budget range. Our proficient team, before installation, measures the aura of your space to fit the office curtains on your premises perfectly. Office curtains Dubai is thrilled to provide our services at your doorstep.

The requirements for installation can differ from house to house or even from window to window. So please follow these steps carefully. (or consult the printed instructions that come with the curtains). After you have reviewed your guidelines, Don’t hesitate to reach out to get assistance on the spot.

The curtains will be with everything you need to put them in place. But it’s an excellent idea to ensure you have all the components before assembling them. The items are listed below in the document that comes with your order. The number of fitting parts will depend on the curtain size and track lengths. If you discover you’re not able to find any suitable components, contact us, and we’ll be able to send you the missing parts as soon as possible. Office Curtains

The process of joining your tracks

Tracks with more than 2300mm widths will arrive in equally divided sections because of shipping restrictions. These sections of the track must be joined with the tiny ‘joiner’ component in the following manner:

a. Begin by sliding the joiner about halfway down one track.

b. Slide the second track across the exposed portion of the joiner

C. A certain amount of force could be required to join both track segments until they are flush

Face Fit Office Curtains

Step 1. Place two brackets around 150mm apart from each edge of your track along the right and left sides. Fix these brackets using the screws supplied* or screws that are appropriate to the wall surface you have chosen. Make sure the frames are aligned.

If installing your curtain tracks in plasterboard, ensure the brackets are secured with wall screws. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to find wall plugs and screws suitable for installing the plasterboard.

The remaining brackets should be placed evenly between the two frames at the end, Ideally at a 700mm distance from each other. After arranging, fix the shelves together. You were likely provided with the correct number of brackets that fit the face to get this result. If not, we invite you to contact us for assistance.

Tips for the Pro The very highest point of your brackets must be aligned with the topmost location on the measure of the drop you have provided in your purchase. Screws should be loosely secured into the center of the holes in the brackets, as this will permit you to alter the frame’s position upwards and downwards to get the ideal drop.

We have already adjusted 15mm from the total drop of your curtain to allow curtains to remain lowered onto your track. This doesn’t alter the location of your bracket. Office Curtains

Step 2

a. Attach the track to the brackets by fixing the track’s back between the metal clip and the clip made of plastic

B. Gently fasten into place using the screw on the underside.

C. Cut the caps of brackets onto the brackets

Top Fix Curtains

Step 1. Place the top two fixing clips at a distance of 150mm from the other rail’s edge on both the left and right sides. We suggest that each is placed approximately 80mm ahead of the windows. However, this should be determined by determining the best fitting for each window or room. The remaining clips should be placed between the two in a line around 700mm in width. The hooks should be screwed onto studs whenever possible.

Tips for the Pro: to make a double curtain put the clips on the forward track (your sheer curtain) about 100mm to the left of the hook at the rear (your blocking Office Curtains).

Step 2. Place the track inside the ceiling-mounted clips on the ceiling. Make sure to secure the routes back to the roof with a pin made of plastic. Press the track gently in the bracket until it snaps in place. This happens as the track slides into the ridge of the frame.

Connecting the hand to the wand

Connect your hand wand to the dedicated runner on the side that is open to your track. Using S-fold curtains, the designated runner may appear different from the runners. If you use a pinch pleat curtain, save the second runner to your wand. In the beginning, the rod clip could appear a bit stiff. In that case, you can make use. Pliers to gently push the wand open to allow it to be easily connected to the runners. If you notice any damage, We encourage you to contact us. Office Curtains

Curtains that fold S

To hang your curtain with an S-fold, utilize the hooks installed to the back of the curtain to tie it to the curtain runners within the track. To create the wave effect, ensure that the waves have equal width both in front and behind the way. If the waves look too shallow, gently push that fold backward to make more of a wave at the rear.

Tips for hanging: Start hanging on the side that is stacking with the edges of the curtain facing the window. Office Curtains

Curtains with pinch pleats

To hang your curtain with a pinch pleat, just use the hooks located at the back of the curtain to tie it around the runners of the curtain that are hanging loose. If you need additional runners, just unscrew the cap at the end of the track, and load with as many runners as you’ll need from the space offered. If you believe you require more runners, contact us, and we’ll find them for you.

A tip for you: initially, runners might be stiff and unable to move using the wand. However, this should ease over time. If you’d like to increase speed (in all ways! ), We recommend removing the curtains and applying a tiny amount of spray lubricant to the inner track. Allow it to sit for at most two hours, and then be sure to reattach those hooks on the curtains to runners (ensuring you do not have any of the lubricants in your hands before doing so! ).

How to dress your new curtains

Being the master DIYer, you have completed the installation of the curtains – congratulations! But wait for a second. Is your room looking somewhat unkempt after the long and arduous trip? If so, don’t worry, as it’s pretty easy to sort out. Check out the “Dressing your new curtains” video below, and you’ll be able to get them looking “top-notch within a matter of minutes.

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