Decoration Tips

Decoration Tips

Decoration Tips

Carpets in Dubai have a team of professionals. Following Tips are prove of their years of experience.

Make your room feel bigger

You room can feel bigger or smaller depending on what length and width of the curtains you use. So, you can make your room look bigger by using taller and wider curtains.

Use pillows and cushions to add texture and color

Cushions and pillows can enhance the texture and theme of your décor. So, use a lot of pillows and cushions with different colors and designs. You can also use stuffed toys such as teddy bears. In addition, pillows with animated characters on them will also look nice. It will also attract and cheer up children as well.

Use an Area Rug

Using an area rug will give you a homey and cozy feel. In addition, it will also increase your work space. Because you can sit on the rub and read books and write essays and everything. You can also go creative and use decoration tips to make your own rug if you have time and talent. Because your own rug can be rare and at the same time very artistic looking as well. So, a rug will beautify your area and also provide you a cozy space on the floor.


Lighting is so so important. But many people fail to realize it. So, instead of using big tube lights, you should use small beautiful bulbs. Because these bulbs look beautiful and they also don’t cause any irritation. These bulbs also help you to focus. So, setting the right kind of will really help you out.



You can also use plants to magnify and enhance the theme and texture. Furthermore, you can use both organic and artificial plants as well. Little bonsai trees look really beautiful and liven up the whole place. In addition, the plants connect you with the outdoors when you are stuck inside for a long time.


You can place the mirrors on the opposite side of the windows so that it creates the illusion of more windows. This will also bring in more natural light. So, aside from checking yourself before going out. You also get this sense of openness as well.


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