Remote Control Curtains

Remote Control Curtains

Remote Control Curtains

Since remote control curtains are mostly used for offices, stages and big villas. Because there curtains display luxury and status. In addition, these curtains also facilitate you. Because lifting a big stage curtain is no easy task. Therefore, motorized and remote control curtains are most suitable in such cases.

Furthermore, these curtains are not limited to offices and stages. You can install use remote control in your house if you want to. Because it all depends on your taste and budget. So, Carpets in Dubai is here to provide you the best quality motorized curtains and Remote control Curtains in all of Dubai.

Specifications of curtains

  • We use copper wiring in the motors
  • The copper wiring also make the motor energy efficient
  • We use blue-tooth technology to control the curtains
  • Infrared remotes are also available
  • In addition, we designs the rails in such a way that they don’t make noise
  • The speed of the curtains and the motor is quick so that you don’t have to waste your precious time
  • We import the curtain fabric from India, Turkey and England
  • In addition, the designs and patterns are very formal and classic
  • We also make customized curtains for your home and office
  • In addition, you can also also control many curtains simultaneously with the same remote
  • The motors have a long life span because of the copper wiring

Why choose Us?

Carpets in Dubai is an Experienced and well known company. We have years of experience in providing the best best curtain services in Dubai. Furthermore, we have  trained and skilled curtain fixers. In addition, they do their work with joy and zeal. Hence, they don’t waste their time. Which means they will complete their project in time.

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Remote control curtains are the most commonly found type of motorized curtain. They have a state-of-the-art microprocessor to run them and they can be controlled by a remote or a wireless switch. These curtains are mostly used for offices, stages and big villas. Because there curtains display luxury and status.

Remote control curtains also need the installation of heavy-duty switches that require a professional to install them or an electrician. It takes some time and money invest in these types of curtains, but they last a lifetime and will eventually save you money