Buyer’s guide to Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds In Dubai Because if you are looking for just the right fabric to complement your space, and at the same time want to stay away from a common take on luxury, then consider blinds. Blinding people with style is what happens when you choose Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are super versatile, with their modern style and ability to be adjusted easily. Venetian blinds will work in just about any room!

They offer privacy while still allowing the light to flow in and are ideal for small rooms. They are also low maintenance and only require dusting now and then. If you’re on a limited budget, these window treatments rank among the least expensive of all types.

So now we’ve convinced you that you should replace all of your window dressing with Venetian blinds and made a special guide on how to make this decision – let’s look at some of the main features and functions of Venetian blinds so you will be able to identify them when out shopping for the perfect replacement for your current window coverings. Here are some quick points:

How to Measure for Venetian blinds

Before taking measurements it’s important to decide whether you want your blinds to sit inside or outside of a window recess. This is important because if you want your blinds to sit inside, make the measurements at the top, mid, and bottom of the recess. If the blind has an exposed cord then take into account how far the cord will protrude from each side.

Measure in centimeters and round down rather than up to ensure that your blinds fit within the recessed space, otherwise they might snag the window frame. If you prefer a blind that hangs outside the window recess, measure the width at the top of the recess, then add at least 7 cm on each side over the border of the recess, so that each side would overlap symmetrically

Choose the right Venetian blinds material

When choosing a Venetian blind, consider what kind of material works best in your space! That’s something that you have to take into account when choosing the right coverings for your home. The most common materials are wood, plastic, and metal which usually come in either aluminum or vinyl. Venetian blinds In Dubai

when it comes to installing window coverings in your kitchen and bathroom, metal blinds are the most practical. They won’t warp like wooden blinds when they get wet and you can wipe them down if they become dirty or start to lose their color.

Wood blinds are a great option for areas like dining rooms, classrooms, and offices. They provide a warm, more organic look to your home or work environment. If you’re looking for natural woods for this type of product then there are many different kinds to choose from including bamboo, luan wood, Venetian blinds In Dubai

sandalwood, and others. It’s important to note that wood blinds aren’t the best choice for kitchens or bathrooms where water and moisture could cause damage, but many other types of beautiful all-natural woods can be used to make log cabin blinds that can give you the same organic feel in any room in your home or office!

If you’re looking for an affordable style update, use white wooden plantation shutters with your existing window frames to provide a modern feel that pays homage to a current design trend Venetian blinds In Dubai


Once the blinds have been delivered, you need to install them over the window. We always recommend reading the instructions of any kind of product before beginning a job, regardless of your skills or if you feel like you have seen it all before.

First, make sure you know where you need to drill. Place the brackets where you will mount your blind and mark the holes with a pencil.

Make sure the content is aligned. Use a spirit level or get a second opinion from someone who can judge if things are lined up correctly or not

Drill a small hole at the tip of your pencil mark, reset your brackets and secure them to the wall using screws.

Now that the brackets are installed in the blinds, you need to make sure they are fully secured. You will already know where your rail arm is found. Venetian blinds In Dubai

Move the blind-control arm against the direction of the hands on a clock to the brackets in order to fit it into those brackets first. Then push the swing arm backward.

Check to see if your blinds work smoothly and that they’re secure by pulling them down with the string. Venetian blinds In Dubai