Window blinds can improve the appearance of a room and they come in different styles,

types, and colors. Just make sure you choose the right size for your window Otherwise it’s going to be wasted time or money!
You’ll need accessories like curtains too but if I had my say about what would give more character. I’d pick out some beautiful shaded roller shades instead- a perfect touch that will complete any home perfectly Carpets In Dubai

Why you should use the window curtains?

Window blinds not only make a house look more complete but they can also be tailored to any style.

There are many different types of window coverings available with varying features and benefits that will work for your room’s particular needs – from privacy or elegance- whether it is light control!

Window coverings are a must when living in the city. Without them, you’ll feel uncomfortable and people can see right through to your bedroom! But with blinds of the correct size installed on all windows including those facing different sides of your house (front-facing ones especially), these eyesores will be history so that’s something we should look forward too

Often, even if made directly to the architect’s drawings, buildings can settle and move. Two windows that are meant to be identical off the plan, can vary heavily. This means no matter the size of the window, custom-made blinds will get the right fit every time. Most blinds are made to fit within the window opening as this is the most aesthetic way to install them, ready-made usually does not fit as not all window sizes are standardized.

Below I’ll discuss the best types of blinds to consider. I’ve chosen to list them in order where I’ve put more of an emphasis on price from lowest to highest.

What kind of curtains should you go for?

If you are looking for a stylish, functional way to reduce light in your home then consider investing in roller blinds.

There is more than one type available and they come in many different colors too! The cost may be affordable compared to other types of curtains because it only requires screws or adhesive tape that attach easily on either side so installation should not pose many difficulties at all

just make sure there’s enough space between the window moldings before buying these types since some people prefer them wider when opening up their curtain panels.

What you should look for when choosing curtains for the rooms in your house?

There are many things to consider when getting a new blind. You need the right size,

what type of curtains will look better than other options, and if they’re for the Windows operating system or not! Before buying anything just make sure that you’ve considered all these indicators first in order to get an idea of whether your decision is going to be good enough or not. Window Blinds Dubai

Things to consider when buying blinds and shades

Light and privacy: There are three main ways of keeping your room sunny and bright. You can bring about this effect by installing blinds, shades, or curtains in your windows. The first two options are used to keep the sunlight out or in – as you wish (so whether you’re reading or simply looking for some privacy).

While curtains, in particular, come with a wide range of fabric types and colors – from opaque to sheer – it’s important to make sure that none of these fabrics have any larger than four-inch patterned holes, otherwise, they could make the room feel darker inside than it actually is (which may be just fine for some spaces but not necessarily for others).

Your budget: You have to remember that when you’re outfitting your house with new window treatments or blinds, each window is a little different. You may consider spending more on certain types for the larger windows and spending less on others. However, if you have smaller windows in your home, we recommend having one pair custom-made for those so they will fit perfectly without creases and folds even though it might be a more expensive option!

Cleaning: Blinds do not require professional maintenance, they can be dust magnets. To help eliminate the dust buildup that occurs with cleaning, simply attach your Swiffer 360 Duster to their handy dandy duvet. Shades are better optically and can hide furthermore levels of dirt accumulation however cleaning makes matters inevitable during regular maintenance so best to make sure you have a plan of attack if things get really dirty!


Many clients ask if using different window treatments in the same room will look weird. We assure them it can look amazing when done right

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ window. We encounter so many different shapes, sizes, and types of windows in homes… often in the same room! You may need different window treatments in the same room for the following reasons:

  • Different needs for different windows. For example privacy, light control, glare reduction
  • Doors vs smaller windows
  • High or irregularly shaped windows
  • Creating a feature
  • Maintaining a consistent façade (Shutters for all windows

Types of Dubai Blinds

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